Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage from broken sprinkler head

SERVPRO of Plano is onsite of a large water damage due to a broken sprinkler head in the ceiling. Our SERVPRO TEAM worked over 10 hours late at night to get thi... READ MORE

Large Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of Plano was called out this week to assist in extracting water in a 25,000 sq ft building that had a pipe fitting break on the sprinkler system up abov... READ MORE

Vandalism at Local Childcare Facility

SERVPRO of Plano was contacted early on a Monday morning from the manager at a local daycare center.The manager walked in to a huge mess!  Vandals had ente... READ MORE

Water Damage from busted sprinkler head in Hotel

On Saturday night one of our local Hotels had a busted sprinkler head on the second floor of the hotel.  Flooding occurred in several rooms and major Flood... READ MORE

Mold under Carpeting

Plano Mold Damage Found Under CarpetingYour Plano home can quickly become mold damaged infested with the introduction of any water source. Mold can spread throu... READ MORE

A Plano Home with MOLD in CLOSET

A Plano Home had a Moldy ClosetWhen a closet has damp clothing and poor ventilation, mold growth is a common occurrence. These fungi harm the baseboard, walls, ... READ MORE

Electrical short in wiring causes FIRE DAMAGE

Attic Short Causes Extensive Fire Damage in DallasA DIY project went awry, and an electrical arc ignited some personal belongs stored in the attic. The firemen ... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Kitchen

Our customer was home on a Sunday lit a candle on the counter and got busy with kids and cleaning in the back bedrooms.The homeowner was notified by her smoke a... READ MORE

Church Water Damage

SERVPRO of Plano was called out by our Church Pastor during the night after he was notified that his church had flooded water was seen flowing from the doors in... READ MORE

Water Damage From Recent Winter Storm

Water Damage from a recent WINTER STORM cause major problems with frozen pipes.The Water traveled through out all of the classrooms, gym, halls and meeting room... READ MORE